Foodie and the Beast – June 12, 2022

Hosted by David and Nycci Nellis.

On today’s show:

Established in 1783, the original Fountain Inn served as the first stagecoach stop in Georgetown for presidents and residents alike. The new Fountain Inn DC in Georgetown is led by Morgan Kirchner, a veteran of the D.C. spirits and hospitality industry. Morgan joins us today with tastes and talk of the Fountain Inn;
• You’ll remember that in March 2011 a magnitude-9.0 earthquake and then a massive tsunami struck Japan’s Tohoku region along the northeast coast. Nearly total devastation and more than 20,000 deaths forced the Japanese to reimagine the framework of the local economy, and it’s responding with surprising economic vigor, thanks to new approaches to farming and fishing. Here in the U.S., the Japanese embassy works to connect Tohoku’s farmers and fishermen to people in the United States. We are joined by Ryo Tsuzukihashi, agriculture attaché at the Embassy of Japan, and cultural ambassador Reiko Hirai, owner of Happi Enterprises, to hear how that region is rising from the mud and ashes on a new foundation forged by 21st century farming and fishing innovations;
• Staying in town? There’s still so much to do – like fun summer activations at the National Building Museum Aileen Fuchs, president and executive director of the museum, tells us about all of it, from travelling to Paris via Notre Dame to exploring Shakespeare’s Playhouse or grabbing a yummy bite at the Museum’s new café;
• Talk about two busy women! Seven years ago Dine Diaspora co-founders Maame Boakye and Nina Oduro launched their Black woman-owned and operated venture to connect people and brands to African diasporan food culture. They’ve got a ton going on and you’re gonna hear all about it.