How the Pandemic Has Changed Career Transitions and Job Searching

June 21, 2021 on ForYourBenefit, host Bob Leins, CPA® welcomes today’s guests to talk about how the pandemic has changed career transitions and job searching.

Sixteen months into the pandemic and many things have changed for those working in government, looking to transition from government, or already working in the private sector.

Alison Bouwmeester, author of MISSION: CAREER TRANSITION – A Career Change Guide for Intelligence, Military, Foreign Affairs, National Security and Other Government Professionals, will share what she’s seeing.  Alison will also discuss her personal transition from the Intelligence Community to the private sector and ultimately her role now as a Certified Career Coach.

Kathy Lavinder, the founder and Executive Director of SI Placement, a niche recruiting firm, will offer her perspectives on the private sector as organizations confront return to office, remote work, employee morale and hiring and retention.

Both Alison and Kathy have box seats to what the private sector is looking for, so it’s sure to be a fascinating hour for anyone ready to transition or thinking about starting a job search.

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