Work/Life Balance

Dec. 5, 2022, on ForYourBenefit, our host Bob Leins, CPA®, welcomes Patti Hudson, Lifetime Health and Fitness Expert.

What is work/life balance? Does it exist? If it does, how do we achieve it?

Work/life balance is defined simply as, “proper prioritizing, between work life and personal life.” Remember the proverb, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?” While this proverb is not new, the concept of work/life balance is relatively new. It became a concept when technology revolutionized the workplace making it more accessible with emails, computers, and cell phones. New technology helps to blur the lines between work life and personal life. Without a balance between achievement and enjoyment Jack indeed could become a dull boy.

Imbalance affects relationships, health, especially stress levels, and life satisfaction. Efforts to focus on the issue of work/life balance has increased. Balance solutions are being offered by companies to include telework, less structured work hours, and flexible work schedules. Defining clear goals for employees and giving them autonomy with time to “get it done” generates commitment. Compartmentalizing work and personal life is difficult for many, highlighting the need to find solutions.

Achieving work/life balance is a personal process. It depends on an employee’s life stage, life’s circumstances, and personal perception of what the term means. There is not a “one size fits all” for balance. Life changes constantly; ongoing attention and evaluation to achieve balance is necessary. The fit for balance falls on the shoulders of each working individual.

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