Hidden gems (and time bombs) in your health plan

Federal workers, retirees and their surviving spouses are fortunate in many ways. They have a large number of health plans to choose from. The government will pay much if not most of the premium. No one can be turned down for any reason. Full coverage continues in retirement, which is not the case in most private plans.

While the choice of 20 to nearly 40 health plans and options is bewildering, it is an effort everybody should make. Many federal agencies have made it easier for people to shop at work, on the clock, by subscribing to Checkbook’s Guide to Health Plans For Federal Employees. The online guide makes it easy for people to check out plans, benefits, networks, catastrophic coverage and, of course, premiums.

The good news, for you and me, is that Walton Francis is my guest today on Your Turn. Remember, the countdown clock is ticking and you’ve got skin — literally and in money — in this open season. Francis is the long time editor of the Checkbook Guide, which, if your agency hasn’t subscribed for you, you can get by clicking here. You can save an additional 20% with the promotion code FEDNEWS.