Celebrating a Cyber Warrior at this Year’s William Oliver Baker Dinner

This weekend the intelligence community is celebrating one of its highlight events of the year, the Intelligence and National Security Alliance’s William Oliver Baker Dinner. The event is a great engagement between current and former intelligence and national security community, and each year INSA recognizes the remarkable contributions of some of our nations incredible leaders. This year’s William Oliver Baker award is being awarded to retired Gen. Paul Nakasone. Nakasone recently retired as head of U.S cyber command and the National Security Agency, after decades of service in the U.S. Army. Gen. Nakasone joins the program to talk about the recognition and the path he sees forward in cyber.

In the second half of the show, ClearanceJobs’ Lindy Kyzer and Sean Bigley discuss the complicated topic of how litigation and lawsuits can come into play in the security clearance process.