Risky Business: Addressing Insider Threats Across the Workforce

NISPOM Change 2 went into effect in May of 2016, codifying policies around insider threat training and mitigation for contractors within the defense industrial base. Still today questions about insider threat and how to stop the next Snowden or Alexis are ever hot topics for security offices today. Tom Langer, principal of Atlantic Security Advisors, an industrial security, risk mitigation, and leadership organization and an advisor to SIMS Software shares his insight about insider threat and why it matters across an entire organization or agency.

In the second half of the program, security clearance attorney Sean Bigley and Lindy Kyzer, ClearanceJobs, talk about the issue of prescription drug abuse and security clearances. From opioids to Adderall, prescription drugs are a growing problem for many security clearance holders and applicants.