Security Clearance Career Considerations for Women, Young People – SCI Episode 13

In recognition of Women’s History Month ClearanceJobs chats with Cadienne Naquin Hopkins, a female national security trailblazer who has served in a variety of capacities in national security and helping encourage women to enter into the field. Currently with Altana AI, she’s also co-founder of the Command Purpose Foundation, executive director of the Amazing Women of the Intelligence Community and an organizing member of the Women in National Security Media Festival. We discuss the unique roles available in national security today, security clearance application anxieties, and how to kickstart your career. In the second half of the program security clearance attorney Sean Bigley and’s Lindy Kyzer discuss ‘the young and the restless’ – security clearance applicant addition. Age is a factor in the security clearance process. The good news is youthful indiscretion can actually be argued to mitigate clearance issues – so don’t count yourself out.