Tax Mistakes Clearance Holders Make – SCI Episode 14

Tax issues can have a major impact on your cleared career. With tax season upon us, many individuals may be wondering what to do if they can’t pay their taxes, or how to work with a tax professional to ensure they’re doing it correctly. ClearanceJobs chats with Jennifer Jones, owner of J. Jones Financial. Jones is an enrolled agent and military spouse who helps many in the national security workforce. Tax issues are a frequent security clearance issue, because the government is concerned that your failure to properly pay your taxes may mean you may also be lax about protecting its secrets. The good news is there are many steps you can take – even if you owe a hefty tax bill.

In the second half of the program security clearance attorney Sean Bigley and ClearanceJobs’ Lindy Kyzer discuss obscure tax issues, including nanny taxes and small business taxes.