Training Opportunities for Security Professionals and Addressing Suitability

Lynn Burns, president of NCMS and Sarah Turner, member of the board of directors, NCMS, discuss the upcoming NCMS 2023 Annual Seminar on this episode of Security Clearance Insecurity. NCMS is a professional security organization that has existed for more than 50 years, helping to train, certify, and advance the security profession. Burns and Turner discussed what can be expected at this year’s training seminar, along with why mentorship is important to the security field today.

In the second half of the program Lindy Kyzer, ClearanceJobs, and Sean Bigley, security clearance legal correspondent, discuss the state of the suitability in the government today and into tomorrow. All federal employees and contractors are already subject to some form of suitability determination. But under security clearance reforms today, suitability is getting more scrutiny. Public trust positions will be moving into a CV scenario. Lindy and Sean discuss what candidates should know about suitability, public trust, and due process rights.