What the Consolidation of Defense Adjudications Means – SCI Episode 19

The Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals performs a critical function in the security clearance process – adjudicating cases and making decisions on denials and revocations. To learn more about the DoD CAF, we chatted with Aileen Xenakis-Kozlowski, attorney with the law term Bigley Ranish and a former attorney with the DoD CAF. We discussed the upcoming consolidation of the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals and the role of the DoD CAF in the clearance hiring process.

In the second half of the program, Lindy Kyzer of ClearanceJobs and Sean Bigley with the law firm Bigley Ranish expand on what the DoD CAF consolidation will mean for security clearance holders and applicants. That includes the possibility for a more streamlined adjudication process and easier reciprocity within DoD components.