Would you buy a Medicare Advantage plan from Joe Namath? Or anybody else?

Before you answer, your first question might be “what’s a Joe Namath?” or “what’s this Medicare Advantage thing?”

If you are of a certain age, and like (or hate) professional football, you will know that Joe was a very famous, successful college and professional quarterback. Now he is best known for TV commercials telling seniors how to get the most out of Medicare. And he is not alone.

The FEHB open season runs through Dec. 13. so there is still plenty of time to compare plans, in addition to your current carrier, and compare their premiums, benefits, drug coverage and physician network. For folks trying to navigate the world of Medicare and FEHB benefits, it is even more complicated. Unless you have an expert at hand which, if you are reading this, you do. Spoiler alert: I am not the expert. Not even close. But I know who is. That would be Walton Francis, long-time editor of Checkbook’s Guide to Federal Health Plans. And he’s going to be my guest today on Your Turn.