How (and why) to avoid probate: A slap at your family!

If you don’t have a will and an estate plan, probate is an after-you’ve-gone legal struggle. One which could last months, if not years, in a battle over what you intended your family (or friends) to have: your estate! And while that sounds a bit posh to many, the fact is most of us are worth more dead than alive. And that’s especially true of long time federal/postal workers. Most have life insurance, lifetime survivor benefits, maybe a home or other investments, including TSP or other 401(k) accounts. Who gets them and when depends on what you have done, or should do, sooner rather than later. That is, learn what you need to legally protect your family/friends and be sure they get what you want them to get.

So today’s guest on our Your Turn radio show is attorney Tom O’Rourke. He’s a veteran of the IRS and a long-time specialist in taxes and estate planning. Some of his clients are TSP millionaires. Most aren’t. But all recognize they needed legal help to insure that their wishes will be fulfilled in a timely fashion when they are no longer calling the shots, dead or alive!