New TSP options: Road to riches, or paralysis by analysis?

Retirement benefits for career feds and military personnel will be based on their length of service and salary. Unlike the vast majority of private pension plans, the federal-military programs are protected from inflation. Benefits will come from three sources: The federal/military annuity or retired pay, Social Security and the TSP. Which makes it so important to everybody. The TSP could supply one-third or more of the spending money retirees will have.

So far, so good! But every top has a bottom, right?

Arthur Stein, a D.C.-area financial planner, has been tracking the TSP for clients for decades. And several of his clients are self-made TSP millionaires. He urges people to invest for the long haul. And avoid what he believes is risky behavior: when clients have too much of their retirement nest egg in the G fund. Which is what we’ll talk about today when he’s my guest on Your Turn.