Help us commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks

Federal News Network wants to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks with the help of our audience.

Federal News Network wants to commemorate the anniversary of the attacks on New York, Pennsylvania and Washington with the help of our audience.

What do you remember most from that day? And with the benefit of 20 years of reflection, what have been the most significant impacts to your agency’s mission and operations?

We think the best way to tell this story is through feds’ own voices — both current and former. To do that, we’d like to ask you to record your own voice, telling us, in your own words, what you think your fellow citizens should know or remember about Sept. 11, 2001.

The recordings you leave with us will be used as part of our coverage of the 9/11 anniversary, both on-air and online. There’s no requirement to tell us your full name or any more personally-identifying details than you feel comfortable with sharing, but context is valuable. We’d ask that at a minimum, you share your first name and where you were working on that day.

You can share your reflections with us in three ways:

  • Record an audio message on your smartphone via its built-in audio recording app. On iPhones, the app is called Voice Memos; Android devices have similar apps, but the names vary. Please record memories of 1 minute or less. Once it’s recorded, you can email it to us at
  • Although we prefer the voice memo option because of higher audio quality, you can also call us (toll-free) and leave a voicemail from any telephone. Dial (844)-305-1500, and record your message after the tone.
  • Please submit a written memory of no more than 150 words to or send us a message on Facebook.

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