AP Top Science News at 10:56 p.m. EDT

AP PHOTOS: Rare blue supermoon dazzles stargazers around the globe

Mexican Navy hopes to expand net-snagging hooks to protect endangered vaquita porpoises

India’s moon rover confirms sulfur and detects several other elements near the lunar south pole

West Point time capsule that appeared to contain nothing more than silt yields centuries-old coins

A broad genetic test saved one newborn’s life. Research suggests it could help millions of others

As research grows into how to stop gun violence, one city looks to science for help

A new Titanic expedition is planned. The US is fighting it, says wreck is a grave site

Neurosurgeon investigating patient’s mystery symptoms plucks a worm from woman’s brain in Australia

Native nations on front lines of climate change share knowledge and find support at intensive camps

Women working in Antarctica say they were left to fend for themselves against sexual harassers

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