AP Top Science News at 10:27 p.m. EDT

Across the Northern Hemisphere, now’s the time to catch a new comet before it vanishes for 400 years

The UK is rejoining the European Union’s science research program as post-Brexit relations thaw

A Norwegian man needed a hobby. His new metal detector found a showy 1,500-year-old gold necklace

Who’s that singing? As fall migration arrives, apps that ID birds by sound have taken off

Japan launches rocket carrying lunar lander and X-ray telescope to explore origins of universe

4 exceptionally preserved Roman swords discovered in a Dead Sea cave in Israel

The Great Salt Lake is shrinking rapidly and Utah has failed to stop it, a new lawsuit says

Farms with natural landscape features provide sanctuary for some Costa Rica rainforest birds

As G20 leaders prepare to meet in recently flooded New Delhi, climate policy issues are unresolved

India launches a spacecraft to study the sun after successful landing near the moon’s south pole

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