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Anxiety over character assassination02/10/2020 06:30am • The rise of the internet and social networks has been an undeniable boon for the state of the world at large, but can such easy and open access to anonymous communication have a downside? To learn more about what happens when people become the targets of anonymous online ire, we spoke with RichaLamenting the good old days01/27/2020 03:52pm • In the decades since the invention of the internet and the lessening of regulations on cable news networks, many have noticed a distinct change in the way that people speak to one another. Online, conversation seems stunted, partisan, and rude. But has much changed in society? Or have we just noThe real consumer debt issue01/13/2020 06:30am • With consumer debt reaching a staggering 1.5 trillion dollars, it can be extremely difficult to know when one’s personal debt is surmountable, or if it’s become a life-changing issue. To learn more about the options someone in debt can have, who to avoid, and who can help, we organized thisThe business of managing Washington11/25/2019 01:47pm • With media outlets crowding around the current impeachment probe, it can be hard to realize that in the rest of the federal government is continuing apace with new ideas and avenues for helping the country. To learn more about the work the government is doing despite all eyes being fixed on theThe legal battles behind food innovations09/16/2019 06:30am • As technological development accelerates, it’s inevitable that big tech companies would turn to look at innovating food. But with new foods being made with new methods, it can be hard to grapple with the legal and safety battles currently raging. On this week’s EXTRA episode, we hope to putHave we reached peak tech?08/26/2019 02:16pm • Trust in tech companies is at an all-time low after a long series of privacy mishaps and worries about job automation. Which begs the question: have we reached peak tech? Is the bubble going to burst, and finally lead to a reasonable amount of regulation? To understand what’s on the horizon, aThe strengths and weaknesses of capitalism06/17/2019 06:30am • Is capitalism on its way out? Is socialism going to completely overtake American life and reshape the economy? Probably not just yet. But to fully understand people’s sticking points with capitalism, and what the country can do to ensure people get their fair share, looking at the ways our curYour due diligence as a CEO or board member06/03/2019 06:30am • As social media networks grow, so too does the potential for a type of hyper-democracy to spread among the world’s businesses. When a determined group of people are able to change the path of a company without being part of the board or even customers, and with the government beginning to takeUnderstanding what regulation the tech industry needs04/15/2019 06:30am • ABERMAN: Regulation of technology seems to be everywhere, but what strikes me most of all is, in this town, where everything's so darn segmented, it looks like this is a bipartisan movement. What's your reaction? What is it about tech that's making this happen? BOND: Well, there's a couple ofBusiness and the First Amendment09/17/2018 06:30am • The First Amendment is literally the first line of defense against the abuse of power by government. What might not be clear, however, is how exactly the amendment plays into business and the corporate world. To talk about that, we spoke with Shanlon Wu, former federal prosecutor and partner atUnclear regulations are holding back startups08/13/2018 06:30am • On today’s What's Working in Washington EXTRA episode, we discusses the D.C. region’s business environment, the regulations that pick winners and losers, and how the private and public sectors interact to create a place for entrepreneurship in the area. For this discussion we’re joined byCommunications expert says tribalism at root of tensions today01/19/2018 08:12pm • Listen now: Our guest is Richard Levick from Levick. Levick is a very interesting company here in town. They handle... well they handle the highest profile matters: they've been involved in the Gulf Oil Spill and dealing with PR with the Catholic Church over the years. Richard Levick reallyTruth, a fragile thing in DC communications: EXTRA10/16/2017 03:27pm • Almost every sphere of American life, from the press to entrepreneurship, has been caught off guard by the inconsistent and sometimes inflammatory nature of Donald Trump’s administration. For this week’s What’s Working in Washington EXTRA episode, Ray Locker, enterprise editor for USA TEXTRA: True costs of hacking07/03/2017 12:03pm • For this week’s Extra episode, What’s Working in Washington sat down with three of the area’s top experts on cybersecurity and hacking to see what needs to be done to protect your business. Andres Franzetti, chief strategy officer and founding member of the Risk Cooperative, Richard LevEXTRA: Making sense of Trump’s first four months05/18/2017 12:27pm • The first 100-plus days of the Trump administration have been engaging, to say the least, and how his presidency serves to affect the socioeconomic landscape is still up for debate. In this round table discussion, What’s Working in Washington hears from experts with special understanding a