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Federal CIO, where art thou?12/04/2017 04:17am • Oh, federal chief information officer, where art thou? Not at the Office of Management and Budget. Not leading the CIO Council. And not there to lead the effort to implement the Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act. So nearly 11 months after Tony Scott said his goodbyes, there still isnAttorney general orders FBI, ATF to review firearm background check system11/27/2017 08:08am • To listen to the Federal Newscast on your phone or mobile device, subscribe on PodcastOne or iTunes.      Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered the FBI and ATF to take a look at issues with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. He wants them to work with the DefenWhy software must be seen as a strategic asset11/17/2017 10:49am • Keith Salisbury, the senior director of federal sales for Pivotal, said leadership is key to build software at startup speed. Over the last four or five  years, agencies have fallen in love with the start-up culture. Starting with the U.S. Digital Service at the White House and the GeneraUS Digital Service evolves from firefighters to Smokey Bear10/27/2017 05:09pm • During its three-year existence, the U.S. Digital Service in the White House has strove to be about one thing: good government. While early USDS efforts may have rubbed some people the wrong way, the organization is maturing and improving its approach to improving federal services. Eddie HarIdentity & Access Management in Government 2017/2018 "Progress & Best Practices"10/24/2017 09:58am • This program will discuss: Progress report on identity & access management initiatives Profiles of successful programs of identity & access management Lessons learned from identity & access management programs Major challenges in identity & access management Security, privacy, usability: The 3 legs of platform10/24/2017 04:24am • Subscribe to Federal Drive’s daily audio interviews on iTunes or PodcastOne The government’s fourth attempt to build a single sign-on identity management capability for federal services is off to a better start than its predecessors. The General Services Administration launched the Login.gHow one contractor belittled the White House’s IT modernization strategy10/09/2017 05:59pm • Subscribe to Federal Drive’s daily audio interviews on iTunes or PodcastOne The White House is busily reviewing more than 90 comments on its draft IT modernization strategy. The comments came from industry associations, specific companies and individuals, including federal employees, andRep. Hurd has a message to CFOs, others: Keep your hands off of IT modernization funds10/02/2017 04:49am • With the Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act seemingly on a clear path to passage in the Defense authorization bill, the federal community is now asking two simple questions — how will the Trump administration implement the law? And what if chief financial officers and deputy secretaries dAlberto Colon-Viera & Mariana Pardo: New map helps identify HUBZones08/08/2017 09:10am • Historically Underutilized Business Zones, or HUBZones, have been a part of the federal small business contracting strategy for many years. It's not always easy to determine if a particular address qualifies as a HUBZone. Now a new HUBZone map should ease that problem. Mariana Pardo, director ofIdea of new space branch for the military gets cold reception from defense leadership07/19/2017 07:59am • The idea of creating a new military branch to focus on space issues is not a popular one among defense officials. Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Paul Selva, speaking at his renomination hearing, says creating the new space force would "complicate the command and control of the spacFood and Nutrition Service relies on wisdom of the crowd for new online application07/05/2017 05:31am • The U.S. Department of Agriculture is making it easier for 100,000 schools and 20,000 school districts to certify students to receive free or reduced meal benefits. USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service reimagined and standardized the prototype application process for school systems to use. Ed HCongress so far silent on civilian federal employee 2018 pay raise06/29/2017 06:35pm • So far, Congress has been relatively quiet on a pay raise for federal employees in fiscal 2018, meaning civilian workers are one step closer toward a 1.9 percent boost next year. That's what President Donald Trump offered in his 2018 budget proposal, which the administration released in its entiModernizing the Citizen Journey through Data06/23/2017 02:44pm • Now add to that, all the data the government is collecting, ranging from cybersecurity to citizen interactions with websites to sensors in the field, it’s no wonder some will call this an era of data chaos. Some experts estimate that as agencies deal with this huge growth of data, more than  9IT modernization opera: Same score, new conductor06/22/2017 09:56am • One again, a White House summit of the nation's greatest business minds, there to help fix the government. Behind a skirted table sit Apple boss Tim Cook, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. They flank President Donald Trump. He's beaming. They're looking as if their minds areNothing like a reorg for a little fun06/13/2017 11:58am • At the General Services Administration, a bit of reorganization has people upset. As Jason Miller reports, the Technology Transformation Service is about to get folded into the Federal Acquisition Service. Will this be bad? Too early to tell. But the incident shows the federal workplace can be as