Women’s Top 25 Fared


1. Notre Dame (2-0) did not play. beat Pennsylvania 75-55; Next: at No. 15 DePaul, Saturday. Next: vs. Gonzaga, Thursday.

2. UConn (1-0) did not play. Next: vs. Vanderbilt, Saturday. Next: vs. Mississippi, Thursday.

3. Oregon (3-0) did not play. beat Utah State 88-58; Next: vs. Buffalo, Sunday. Next: vs. UC Riverside, Friday.

4. Baylor (4-0) did not play. beat Southern 94-49. Next: vs. South Dakota State, Friday.


5. Louisville (2-0) did not play. Next: at Boise State, Monday.

6. Mississippi State (3-0) did not play. beat Lamar 104-53. Next: vs. Coppin State, Sunday. Next: vs. Furman, Wednesday.

7. Stanford (2-0) did not play. Next: vs. San Francisco, Thursday. Next: vs. Ohio State, Sunday. Next: vs. Florida Gulf Coast, Friday.

8. Oregon State (2-0) did not play. beat Arkansas-Pine Bluff 89-33; Next: vs. Saint Mary’s, Saturday. Next: vs. Western Kentucky, Thursday.

9. Maryland (3-0) did not play. beat George Washington 69-30; Next: at No. 10 South Carolina, Sunday. Next: vs. Morgan State, Friday.

10. South Carolina (2-0) did not play. beat Clemson 69-57. Next: vs. No. 9 Maryland, Sunday. Next: vs. ETSU, Thursday.

11. Texas (3-0) did not play. beat North Texas 64-54; beat McNeese State 96-40. Next: vs. Quinnipiac, Friday.

12. Tennessee (2-0) did not play. beat UNC Asheville 73-46; Next: vs. Florida A&M, Sunday. Next: vs. Clemson, Thursday.

13. Iowa (3-0) did not play. beat Western Kentucky 104-67; Next: vs. N.C. Central, Saturday. Next: vs. West Virginia, Friday.

14. Georgia (2-1) did not play. lost to UCLA 80-69; Next: at Georgia Tech, Sunday. Next: vs. Morgan State, Thursday.

15. DePaul (1-0) did not play. Next: vs. No. 1 UConn, Saturday. Next: vs. Princeton, Thursday.

16. Missouri (2-0) did not play. beat Missouri State 65-61; Next: vs. Green Bay, Friday. Next: vs. SIU Edwardsville, Monday.

17. N.C. State (3-0) did not play. beat Vanderbilt 74-54. Next: vs. Radford, Sunday. Next: vs. Michigan State, Thursday.

18. Syracuse (2-1) did not play. beat No. 20 Texas A&M 75-65; Next: vs. Bucknell, Sunday. Next: vs. Kansas State, Thursday.

19. Marquette (3-1) did not play. lost to No. 24 Miami 63-55. Next: vs. UIC, Saturday.

20. Texas A&M (2-1) did not play. lost to No. 18 Syracuse 75-65. Next: at Little Rock, Tuesday.

21. South Florida (3-0) did not play. beat Bethune-Cookman 88-39. Next: vs. Oklahoma, Sunday. Next: vs. Kentucky, Thursday.

22. Arizona State (1-1) did not play. Next: at Arkansas, Sunday. Next: vs. No. 5 Louisville, Friday.

23. California (3-0) did not play. beat BYU 70-52; Next: vs. Pacific, Sunday. Next: vs. Tulane, Friday.

24. Miami (4-0) did not play. beat No. 19 Marquette 63-55. Next: at Iowa State, Sunday.

25. Minnesota (2-0) did not play. beat Xavier 78-53; Next: vs. San Diego, Saturday. Next: vs. Arkansas-Pine Bluff, Tuesday.

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