Why Quebec endlessly beckons those on a bicycle

MONTREAL (AP) — The Montreal bike festival at the end of this month marks an unofficial start to the bicycling season in Quebec, a leading world destination for cyclists.

Why so popular? It’s because of Route Verte, a sprawling network of trails and bike friendly-byways that offers more than 3,300 miles or 5,300 kilometers of cycling in verdant lands.

And the network, nearly a quarter century old, is about to get another growth spurt. Quebec is adding some 560 miles or 900 kilometers to Route Verte.

In Montreal, a festive night ride on May 31 typically draws 10,000 cyclists. On Sunday, June 2, the Velo Quebec organization puts on its iconic tour of the city-island, with 25,000 taking part in the family-friendly tour and thousands more cheering them on.


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