30 Home Runs Before All-Star Break

Through July 7
Since 1961

2019_Christian Yelich, Milwaukee Brewers, 31; Cody Bellinger, Los Angeles Dodgers, 30; Pete Alonso, New York Mets, 30

2017_Aaron Judge, New York Yankees, 30

2013_Chris Davis, Baltimore 33

2011_Jose Bautista, Toronto 31


2009_Albert Pujols, St. Louis, 32

2007_Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees, 30

2006_David Ortiz, Boston, 31

2006_Jim Thome, Chicago White Sox, 30

2003_Barry Bonds, San Francisco, 30

2001_Barry Bonds, San Francisco, 39

2001_Luis Gonzalez, Arizona, 35

2000_Mark McGwire, St. Louis, 30

1999_Sammy Sosa, Chicago Cubs, 32

1999_Jose Canseco, Tampa Bay, 31

1998_Mark McGwire, St. Louis, 37

1998_Ken Griffey Jr., Seattle, 35

1998_Sammy Sosa, Chicago Cubs, 33

1998_Greg Vaughn, San Diego, 30

1997_Mark McGwire, Oakland, 31

1997_Ken Griffey Jr., Seattle, 30

1996_Brady Anderson, Baltimore, 30

1994_Ken Griffey Jr., Seattle 33

1994_Matt Williams, San Francisco, 33

1994_Frank Thomas, Chicago White Sox, 32

1989_Kevin Mitchell, San Francisco, 31

1987_Mark McGwire, Oakland, 33

1976_Mike Schmidt, Philadelphia, 31

1976_Dave Kingman, New York Mets, 30

1973_Willie Stargell, Pittsburgh, 30

1971_Willie Stargell, Pittsburgh, 30

1969_Reggie Jackson, Oakland, 37

1969_Frank Howard, Washington, 34

1969_Willie McCovey, San Francisco, 30

1964_Harmon Killebrew, Minnesota, 30

1961_Roger Maris, New York Yankees, 33

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