Boxing safety the debate on PodcastOne Sports Now

Boxing is the topic on the latest installment of PodcastOne Sports Now , where co-hosts Tim Dahlberg and Jim Litke discuss how difficult it is to reconcile a love for the sport with the deaths of two fighters in recent weeks.

Dahlberg talks about his latest column on the subject and how he has seen the worst of the sport close up. It wasn’t just the two deaths, he says, but the fighters who end up with brain damage from punches taken in the ring.

Also on tap in this week’s segment is a look at the WNBA , and what challenges the league faces in the second half of the season. AP women’s basketball writer Doug Feinberg joins the program to talk about the All-Star game weekend in Las Vegas, and what the city means for the future of the WNBA.

Of course there is food talk, too, and poutine is the focus after a trip to Montreal revealed even more of the dish’s delights.


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