Belmont Stakes Expanded Chart

10th Race at Belmont Park, Saturday June 20, 2020
1 1/8 Miles. Purse $1,000,000-Added 3 Year Olds.
Stake Value Of Race $1,000,000. Value To Winner $535,000; Second $200,000; Third $110,000; Fourth $60,000; Fifth $30,000.
The Belmont Stakes 152st Running.
Horse Wgt PP ¼ ½ ¾ Str Fin Jockey To $1
Tiz the Law 126 8 3-1 3-1½ 3-1½ 1-1½ 1-3¾ J.Velazquez 0.80
Dr Post 126 9 6-3 6-hd 6-1½ 2-½ 2-1½ J.Ortiz Jr. 7.90
Max Player 126 3 9-2½ 9-3 8-2 5-3½ 3-2½ J.Rosario 14.20
Pneumatic 126 10 5-1 5-hd 4-1 3-1½ 4-6¼ R.Santana Jr. 17.80
Tap It to Win 126 1 1-1 1-1 -1-1 4-½ 5-1¾ J.Velazquez 5.20
Sole Volante 126 2 10 10 9-2 7-1½ 6-4¾ J.Castellano 11.20
Modernist 126 4 7-½ 7-1½ 5-1 6-½ 7-¾ J.Alvarado 23.40
Farmington Road 126 5 8-2½ 8-1 7-½ 9-¼ 8-1½ T.Pletcher 17.60
Fore Left 126 6 2-1 2-1 2-½ 8-1 9-6½ J.Castellano 25.25
Jungle Runner 126 7 4-hd 4-1 10 10 10 R Gutierrez 29.50
Time 23.110 46.16 1:09.940 1:34.46 1:46.530


8 (8) Tzi the Law 3.60 2.90 2.60
9 (9) Dr Post 5.80 4.20
3 (3) Max Player 5.20


$0.2 Pick 6 (8-2-12-1-2-8) 6 Correct Paid $291.00.

$0.5 Pick 5 (2-12-1-2-8) 5 Correct Paid $204.25.

$0.5 Pick 4 (12-1-2-8) 4 Correct Paid $70.12.

$1 Pick 3 (1-2-8) 3 Correct Paid $13.90.

$0.5 Trifecta (8-9-3) paid $49.75.

$0.1 Superfecta (8-9-3-10) paid $55.65.

$1 Exacta (8-9) paid $9.80.

$1 Daily Double (2-8) paid $6.50.

Trainer: Barclay Tagg

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TIZ THE LAW taken in hand after springing from the starting gate, attained a forward position proceeding along the chute, stayed within striking distance, crept up to the pacesetter from path three after three-quarters had been completed, seemed poised to strike when ready, directly abreast of the lead as they headed home, tipped slightly at the top of the lane, accelerated when given his cue in the vicinity of the three-sixteenths pole, opening upa a commanding lead only a sixteenth down orad, stayed well in the clear under good handling.

DR POST took up residence in midpack after the field had been sent off and running, was in path four travelling on the turn, was under a ride angling six wide for the drive home, had a good finish down the center of the strip to garner the place.

MAX PLAYER cut over to the inside route, was along it for a good portion during the journey leading up to the half mile post, shifted into the two path at the top of the turn, got fanned out seven wide from upper to midlane, went on to secure the show.

PNEUMATIC along the outside throughout, raced three to four wide on the turn, got sent out into path five entering the strech, gave way.

TAP IT TO WIN was under a firm hold establishing control on the chute, crossed onto the backstretch, continued to be rated along carving out the pace, several paths off the rail, slid over to the inside coming up to the top of the turn, came under intesified pressure from TIZ THE LAW nearing the quarter pole, moved out into path three when set down spinning into the lane, got overpowered by the top one, backed away steadily thereafter.

SOLE VOLANTE was at or near the two path until the end of the bend, stepped into the lane, wandered out seven wide while making no headway.

MODERNIST brushed with FARMINGTON ROAD in the shadow of the starting gate, pursued the pace towards the inside route, ventured onward saving ground on the turn, swung four winde into the lane, had no offering.

FARMINGTON ROAD made contact with MODERNIST right after the start, departed the backstretch from path four, shifted out about eight wide in the lane running on empty.

FORE LEFT prompted the pace to the outside of TAP IT TO WIN, followed that foe inward stepping off the backstrecth and tucked into the two path, kept pace for another furlong, began tiring leaving the three-eights pole, cut the corner into the lane then was allowed to fade away.

JUNGLE RUNNER moved up steadily on the front runners along the backstretch, cut over to the rail at the top of the turn, fell back, went four wide into the lane with little left and further retreated.

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