NCAA Women Results

At Grayhawk Golf Club
Scottsdale, Ariz.
Yardage: 6,323. Par: 72
Seeds in parentheses
Arizona (8) def. Stanford (1), 3-2-0

Gile Bite Starkute, Arizona, def. Angelina Ye, Stanford, 19 holes.

Vivian Hou, Arizona, def. Sadie Englemann, Stanford, 2 and 1.

Brooke Seay, Stanford, def. Ya Chun Chang, Arizona, 4 and 3.

YuSang Hou, Arizona, def. Aline Krauter, Stanford, 5 and 3.

Rachel Heck, Stanford, def. Therese Warner, Arizona, 3 and 2.

Mississippi (4) def. Texas (5), 3-2-0

Kennedy Swann, Mississippi, def. Sophie Guo, Texas, 4 and 2.

Andrea Lignell, Mississippi, def. Kaitlyn Papp, Texas, 22 holes.

Sara Kouskova, Texas, def. Julia Johnson, Mississippi, 2 and 1.

Agathe Laisne, Texas, def. Chiara Tamburlini, Mississippi, 2 and 1.

Smilla Sonderby, Mississippi, def. Ashleigh Park, Texas, 21 holes.

Duke (2) def. Arizona State (7), 3-1-1

Gina Kim, Duke, def. Olivia Mehaffey, Arizona State, 2 and 1.

Erica Shepherd, Duke, halved with Linn Grant, Arizona State.

Ashley Menne, Arizona State, def. Jaravee Boonchant, Duke, 2 and 1.

Anne Chen, Duke, def. Alessandra Fanali, Arizona State, 7 and 5.

Phoebe Brinker, Duke, def. Amanda Linner, Arizona State, 2 and 1.

Oklahoma State (3) def. Auburn (6), 4-1-0.

Maja Stark, Oklahoma State, def. Kaleigh Telfer, Auburn, 2 and 1.

Isabella Fierro, Oklahoma State, def. Megan Schofill, Auburn, 19 holes.

Lianna Bailey, Oklahoma State, def. Anna Foster, Auburn, 3 and 2.

Rina Tatematsu, Oklahoma State, def. Mychael O’Berry, Auburn, 3 and 2.

Elena Hualde, Auburn, def. Maddison Hinson-Tolchard, Oklahoma State, 2 and 1.


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