AL Rookie of the Year Ballots

A breakdown of the 30 individual ballots, submitted by two writers representing each city in the American League.

Name, Affiliation Chapter 1st 2nd 3rd
Peter Schmuck, At Large BAL A.Garcia Mountcastle I.Garcia
Joe Trezza, BAL Arozarena I.Garcia Mountcastle
Jason Mastrodonato, Boston Herald BOS Arozarena I.Garcia Franco
Jen McCaffrey, The Athletic BOS Arozarena Mountcastle A.Garcia
Jesse Rogers, ESPN CHI Arozarena I.Garcia Manoah
Bruce Levine, WSCR writer/reporter CHI Clase Arozarena I.Garcia
Anthony Castrovince, CLE Arozarena Franco I.Garcia
Chris Assenheimer, The Chronicle-Telegram CLE I.Garcia A.Garcia Arozarena
Evan Petzold, Detroit Free Press DET Arozarena I.Garcia Franco
Cody Stavenhagen, The Athletic DET Arozarena I.Garcia Franco
Alyson Footer, HOU Arozarena I.Garcia A.Garcia
Richard Justice, Texas Monthly HOU Arozarena I.Garcia A.Garcia
Dan Hirsch, KC Arozarena Franco A.Garcia
Vahe Gregorian, Kansas City Star KC I.Garcia McClanahan Mountcastle
Hideki Okuda, Sports Nippon Newspaper LA Franco Arozarena I.Garcia
Tomohiko Yasuoka, Jiji Press LA Arozarena Clase I.Garcia
Aaron Gleeman, The Athletic MIN Arozarena Franco I.Garcia
Brian Hall, The Associated Press MIN Arozarena Clase I.Garcia
Brian Hoch, NY Arozarena I.Garcia A.Garcia
Tom Verducci, NY Arozarena I.Garcia A.Garcia
Steve Kroner, San Francisco Chronicle OAK Arozarena I.Garcia Mountcastle
Melissa Lockard, The Athletic OAK Franco I.Garcia Arozarena
Lauren Smith, The News Tribune SEA Arozarena I.Garcia A.Garcia
Tim Booth, The Associated Press SEA Arozarena Franco I.Garcia
Mark Topkin, Tampa Bay Times TB Arozarena I.Garcia Mountcastle
Adam Berry, TB Arozarena I.Garcia A.Garcia
Kevin Sherrington, Dallas Morning News TEX A.Garcia Arozarena I.Garcia
Stefan Stevenson, Fort Worth Star Telegram TEX A.Garcia Arozarena Franco
Kaitlyn McGrath, The Athletic TOR Arozarena I.Garcia Franco
Rob Longley, Toronto Sun TOR Arozarena Franco Manoah

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