AP PHOTOS: Thousands attend a bullfighting competition in Kenya despite the risk of being gored

KAKAMEGA, Kenya (AP) — Thousands of people braved the rain and cold to attend an annual bullfighting competition in western Kenya over the weekend, some of them sitting in trees or on hilltops to witness an event that has become a tourist attraction.

Bullfighting in western Kenya goes back decades and features two prized bulls fighting it out until one runs away.

The competition is usually preceded by a march where bull owners and supporters work the animals into a frenzy. Previous events have seen bulls goring onlookers.

Some bulls are fed concoctions that include marijuana, which locals believe makes them fierce in battle. Owners of the bulls are considered local heroes.

Fifteen bulls took part in the final event held at two locations, Khayega and Kabras. The main attraction was a fight between bulls Captain and Senje, with Senje winning in a 20-minute bout.

One spectator, 32-year-old Antony Angulu, said he was excited to be at the event but was left disappointed after his favorite bull lost.

“We will do a rematch soon and I am sure we will win,” Angulu said.


Associated Press writer Emmanuel Igunza in Nairobi, Kenya, contributed to this report.

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