2018 budget proposal

  • Fears of workforce reductions, budget cuts dominated 2017 after reorg EO

    President Donald Trump’s March executive order, a “Comprehensive Plan for Reorganizing the Executive Branch,” launched a year of speculation about workforce reductions, budget cuts and possible changes to retirement benefits. The 2018 budget, released in May, only exacerbated the situation, as it seemed to confirm everyone’s worst fears.

  • 10 House Republicans and 18 senators speak out against federal retirement cuts

    Ten House Republicans reiterated their concerns for the recent fiscal 2018 budget proposals that would make significant changes to the federal retirement system for current and future employees and retirees. Eighteen senators, nearly all Democrats, also wrote their own letter to Senate leadership voicing their opposition.

  • What federal pay and benefits proposals are in play for 2018

    The Republican Study Committee released its own take on the fiscal 2018 budget, which includes several cuts to federal pay, retirement and health benefits. Here’s how the committee’s budget proposal measures up to other recommendations from the Trump administration and other House lawmakers.

  • House committee’s 2018 budget proposal sets stage for federal retirement cuts

    A 2018 budget proposal from the House Budget Committee asks federal employees to contribute more toward their retirement as a way to find $203 billion in mandatory spending cuts next year.

  • Congress so far silent on civilian federal employee 2018 pay raise

    The House Appropriations Financial Services and General Government Subcommittee stayed quiet on federal pay in its 2018 bill. Without action from Congress, federal civilian employees would receive a 1.9 percent raise next fiscal year. The appropriations bill also includes significant spending cuts to key priorities at the General Services Administration and Office of Personnel Management.

  • 9 Republicans now say they oppose proposed cuts to federal retirement

    Some Republicans are joining about 100 House Democrats in voicing their opposition to the president’s proposed changes to federal retirement.

  • 100 House Democrats voice opposition to Trump’s proposed federal retirement cuts

    About 100 House Democrats wrote to Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), voicing their opposition over the president’s four major proposed changes to federal retirement. The administration included the proposals in the fiscal 2018 budget proposal and would have a significant impact on both current and future federal employees and retirees.

  • Secret Service facing an uphill battle to improve employee morale and lower attrition

    Staffing shortages, attrition and low morale cause perpetually ongoing problems at every level of the Secret Service, said the Homeland Security Department’s inspector general. The president’s 2018 budget request calls for more funding and employees, but neither the IG nor members of Congress say it’s enough to turn around the beleaguered agency.

  • 3 things you missed in the president’s 2018 budget request

    Among the major items in the President’s 2018 budget request are a few other provisions that have the potential to impact federal employees and their agencies.

  • Under Trump’s 2018 budget proposal, here’s one agency that’s hiring

    President Donald Trump’s fiscal 2018 budget request suggests personnel cuts at the majority of the 24 largest federal agencies. But the Homeland Security Department is one of the few that could undergo a bit of a hiring spree next year.