• Are you over-investing in the TSP?

    When it comes to employer-backed 401k plans, most experts say that the federal Thrift Savings Plan, with its 5% match and super-low administrative fees, is the best deal around. At the end of March, the…

  • Leaving the TSP for more options? Think again.

    The TSP is the envy of many investors because of its low administrative fees and federal oversite of the fund.

  • Bull market: All good things come to an end … then what?

    Many federal workers have heard that the current record-long bull market can’t last forever. Many of the experts say a 20 percent to even 30 percent drop in the stock market is possible.

  • Roth TSP option: What’s not to love?

    A 15-year fed describes why he thinks the advice “spread your bets” should also be applied to taxes and the TSP options, not just investing and casinos.

  • Estate planners: Are you richer than you think?

    A secure financial future is even more likely if you know where you are now and where you are heading, as you get closer to that magic time when you could retire.

  • White House civil service blueprint: Reform or revenge?

    Politicians who want to reduce the cost of the federal retirement and labor-management programs say they are doing it for the most noble reasons.

  • TSP: Love it or leave it?

    About half of all thrift savings plan account holders move their money to an outside IRA or other investment option when they leave federal service. So who is right, and what is your plan?