• Smartphone and tablet cyberattacks growing

    Cyberattacks increasingly target smartphones and tablets

  • New security risks with Google-based smartphones

    In your cybersecurity update, think twice before trusting the calendar or address book on your smart phone.

  • Army picks Android

    The Army has picked the Google android as the operating system they want to put in the hands of troops on the ground.

  • DoD ready to Go Mobile on iPhone, Android

    The Pentagon wants servicemen and women to use their own smartphones to develop apps and access the military’s networks. Senior officials as early as next month will approve the technical standards for devices that run the Apple and Google operating systems.

  • Army forging ahead on smartphone tests

    The service says it’s getting closer to determining the path forward for issuing smartphones to soldiers in the field. It’s something the service says could eventually provide warfighters with an all-in-one platform for training, battlefield communications and more.

  • Army smartphone plan creates telecom opportunities

    Federal News Radio told you about the Army’s plans to bring smartphone technology to the battlefield within a year. If the service wants to issue every soldier some kind of smartphone, the move could turn…

  • Feds prepare for explosion in mobile devices, apps

    Agencies are testing an assortment of smartphones and tablet computers to improve how their workforces meet their missions. But there still are questions about the security of these devices.

  • Companies create road race to raise cyber awareness

    Learn more in today’s cybersecurity update.

  • NASA gives employees iPhone option

    The space agency also is testing other smartphone devices, including the Android and iPad. It is one of the first agencies to approve the issuance of iPhones to employees. Employees also have the ability to develop applications for smartphones.