Anne-Marie Fennell

  • BLM pursued westward relocation without implementing GAO’s recommendations

    For more, Federal Drive with Tom Temin turned to the director of GAO’s Natural Resources and Environment team, Anne-Marie Fennell.

  • GAO: National park and forest employees left without adequate safety plans

    Feds working out there in the nation’s parks and forests face special dangers but agency managers don’t have a good handle on the numbers.

  • Fish and Wildlife Service faces hurdles in maintaining Midway Atoll

    The very word Midway conjures up memories of a pivotal battle in American history. No longer a military base, Midway is a visitor destination and wildlife sanctuary managed by the Fish and Wildlife Service. But it’s in bad shape thanks to a lack of money. Anne-Marie Fennel, director of natural resources and environment issues a the Government Accountability Office. updates Federal Drive with Tom Temin on some of the challenges FWS faces on Midway.

  • Anne-Marie Fennell, Natural Resources Director, GAO

    The total price for professional services contracts at the Agriculture Department is about $2 billion over the last four years. The Office of Management and Budget says those types of contracts can be very risky for you to use. Anne-Marie Fennell is Director of Natural Resources and Environment Issues at the Government Accountability Office. On In Depth with Francis Rose, she said with risk factors in mind, USDA needs to strengthen its oversight of professional services contracts.

  • Federal Drive Interviews — Jan. 15, 2013

    Kal Stein, president and CEO of EarthShare, talks about his company’s new role as the manager of the Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capitol Area. Attorney John Mahoney weighs in on a recent ruling by the EEOC. Gen. Charles Wald of Deloitte talks about the ever-changing aerospace markets. Anne-Marie Fennell of GAO discusses Alaska Native Corporations. Ed Moscatelli discusses how the Army has eliminated 8,000 vehicles.