• Will retirement mean lifetime diet?

    Most current federal retirees, and a small percentage of folks still on the payroll, are under the old Civil Service Retirement System. It offers a generous lifetime annuity that is based on salary and length…

  • Social Security’s windfall: Curse or cure?

    The windfall elimination provision reduces the Social Security benefit for someone with less than 30 years of covered service if they qualify for an SSA benefit after as little as five years of covered service.

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    Benefits expert Tammy Flanagan joins Your Turn today to answer questions about Social Security and retirement applicable to both federal and private sector workers.

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    Many long-time government workers and retirees are worth more dead than alive due to the variety of wealth they accumulate over a lifetime.

  • Managing your inner millionaire

    Most federal and postal TSP millionaires got that way by ignoring the ups and downs of the market despite the pre-Christmas plunge in 2018.

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    For at least the past six years, right or wrong, smart or not, some nervous feds from Maine to California have kept a nervous watch on Washington and their HR office. They are watching the…

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    Senior Correspondent Mike Causey thought he had a scoop that the Social Security Administration was offering buyouts to long-time employees but he explains why that’s a misunderstanding.

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    Federal retirees and folks who get Social Security benefits may be among the few people in the country who get anxious when crude oil prices drop.