Ask the CIO

  • Ask the CIO: Online Chat with the Education Department’s Jason Gray

    Jason Gray, the Education Department’s chief information officer, joined Federal News Radio’s Ask the CIO for an online chat.

  • Expert Edition: Ask the CIO

    During the course of eight Ask the CIO interviews over the last three months, one thing became abundantly clear – agency chief information officers and their IT staffs are planning, implementing and fighting through the policy, regulatory and budgetary challenges to upgrade their technology.

  • How an OMB team bolstered governmentwide cyber efforts over the last 5 years

    Trevor Rudolph, the chief of business operations and cybersecurity for Whitehawk and a former chief of OMB’s cyber and national security team, said during his five years on the job he has seen a marked improvement in how agencies are securing their data and systems.

  • New tools are coming to a DHS signature cyber program

    Phyllis Schneck, the deputy undersecretary for cybersecurity and communications in the National Protection and Programs Directorate, said the agency is pulling data from multiple sources to more quickly recognize potential and real cyber threats. Then DHS is rating those threats on a scale help agencies decide how quickly they need to take action.

  • Bureau of Engraving and Printing clearing way for cloud, better data analytics

    Harry Singh, the deputy associate director and deputy CIO of Treasury’s Bureau of Engraving and Printing, said his agency is building on the success of putting its enterprise resource planning system in the cloud.

  • Navy takes on demand side of cyber workforce

    Rob Foster, the Department of Navy’s chief information officer, released a new guidance to accept more certifications and qualifications from sailors, seamen and civilians instead of the one-size fits all approach.

  • SBA moving its IT into the 21st century

    Keith Bluestein, the acting chief information officer of the SBA, said the agency has been upgrading its network backbone as a precursor to being able to take advantage of new technologies such as the cloud.

  • Faster, modernized IT infrastructure boosts HRSA’s customer service efforts

    Adriane Burton, the Health Resources and Services Administration’s chief information officer, said she is using data analytics tools to better understand the agency’s business needs.

  • Stephen Rice: The 30-day cyber sprint was an awakening for TSA

    For the Transportation Security Administration, the 30-day cyber sprint was an awakening. The governmentwide effort didn’t just refocus TSA on securing its data and networks, but gave the agency an opportunity to make up for budget shortfalls. Federal News Radio’s Executive Editor Jason Miller stopped by the Federal Drive with Tom Temin with news from TSA’s Chief Information Officer Stephen Rice on how the agency used the cyber sprint to its advantage.

  • GSA moves into Act 2 of IT consolidation effort

    David Shive, the GSA chief information officer, said encouraging more employees to take advantage of the virtual desktop interface (VDI) technology, and modernizing and rationalizing applications are the next steps to improve the agency’s technology environment.