best practices

  • Open Arms for Open Source

    Teamwork! That’s the idea behind a new partnership between the Defense Information Systems Agency and the Open Source Software Institute. The two groups have formed a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement. The agreement will pave…

  • National Challenges

    The nation is facing tough times, what with the economy, the wars in the middle-east, healthcare costs and so much more. But how do you organize government to best address our challenges? That’s the subject…

  • Library of Congress looking for volunteer docents

    The Library of Congress has seen a significant uptick in the number of visitors to its buildings each year. How did it do it and how does it keep up with the increased traffic? Volunteers…

  • MSPB sees real results from job simulations

    Simulations can do a better job of predicting which applicants will perform well on the job, and they can provide a greater degree of fairness in the process.

  • Help comes from IBM for federal dataminers

    IBM opens an analytics solution center dedicated to helping federal agencies extract actionable insights from their data.

  • Navy damns the stovepipes, goes full speed ahead on IT reorganization

    The Navy is consolidating its intelligence directorate, communications networks and related information technology capabilities to form a single new organization: the deputy chief of naval operations for information dominance.

  • GSA’s Bev Godwin helping agencies meet Open Government Directive

    From “GSA riding to the rescue of agencies on Open Government” on “If you manage web or IT resources for a federal agency, its very likely you know that you and your bosses are…

  • Author, consultant Damon Beyer says tension in your workplace is good for business

    But he explains ”tension” is different from ”conflict.” He’s co-author of the book ”The Right Fight: How Great Leaders Use Healthy Conflict to Drive Performance, Innovation, and Value.”

  • HReinvented: CPO Zients previews changes to hiring

    As part of our special week-long series ”HR: Reinvented”, we asked Federal Chief Performance Office Jeff Zients to preview changes coming to personnel practices in the federal government. He told us, changes will start at the beginning.

  • HReinvented: Defense re-tunes its hiring machine

    J.D. Sicilia, Director of the DoD Lean Six Sigma Program Office and Howard Seamens, Performance Improvement Specialist with the Human Capital Portfolio in the DoD Lean Six Sigma Program Office say they’ve cut hiring time and improved candidates for Defense jobs.