bid protest

  • Surprises in the SBA reauthorization bill

    The Defending America’s Small Contractors Act of 2016 would make the ability to protest task orders worth more than $10 million permanent.

  • $600 contract at the heart of ‘intense’ 2015 for federal procurement

    Ralph White, the Government Accountability Office’s managing associate general counsel for procurement law, said two federal acquisition cases went to the Supreme Court over the last year as part of an atypical fiscal 2015 for federal bid protests.

  • DHS financial management saga adds new wrinkle to ongoing debate

    Savantage Solutions continues to pursue a lawsuit against the Homeland Security Department for the agency’s plans to move its financial management system to a federal shared service provider and not give the private sector a fair opportunity to bid.

  • A solution to the growing bid-protest problem

    Vendors and agencies need to improve communication starting with oral debriefings for all contract awards as part of an effort to stem the real and perceived increases of bid-protests, said Rob Burton, a former OFPP deputy administrator and now partner with Venable.

  • The RFQ mistake

    Richard Lieberman, a consultant and retired attorney, offers advice to contractors about how to ensure they are protected when they win a request for quote.

  • Jason Miller: Recent bid protest decision impacts federal acquisitions

    The Government Accountability Office is refining the concept of reasonable determination in government contracting. A recent bid protest decision added new complexity to this term and will impact the growing trend of mergers and acquisitions in the federal contractor community. Federal News Radio’s Executive Editor Jason Miller writes about GAO’s decision in this week’s edition of Inside the Reporter’s Notebook. He joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin to discuss it.

  • Bid-protest decision impacting mergers and acquisitions

    GAO says contracting officers should make a new determination of responsibility if a company is sold while bidding on a contract.

  • DHS CDM program gets a boost after bid protest win

    The long and twisting road that is the Homeland Security Department’s continuous diagnostics and mitigation (CDM) program got a nice jolt earlier this month. The Government Accountability Office resolved a bid protest that has impacted the implementation of new cyber tools and services.

  • DHS, GSA kick off CDM task order 2 with $29M deal

    Knowledge Consulting Group will implement tools and services from three vendors on the Homeland Security Department’s network.

  • NASA SEWP to drop fee again, launch new customer initiatives

    Joanne Woytek, NASA SEWP program manager, said the space agency now plans to implement the next generation of the technology GWAC by May 1 after reexamining vendor bids. In the meantime, starting in March, SEWP will give agencies more information about what they buy, who they buy from and how they buy than ever before.