bid protest

  • In $58 billion health care deal, Pentagon balanced cost, performance

    The Defense Department has cited lower health care costs as one of the benefits of the $58 billion in contract awards it issued in July to manage its TRICARE health care system. But in at least one of the two contracts, price wasn’t the driving factor.

  • GAO greenlights $58 billion in DoD TRICARE awards, denying nine industry protests

    The Government Accountability Office has denied nine out of nine bid protests filed by health insurers who came out on the losing end of the Defense Department’s $58 billion in contract awards to run the military’s managed health care system.

  • Terry O’Connor: Disconnect exists over task order protests

    Companies can no longer protest civilian agency task orders, which is an odd situation given that Congress retained the ability of defense contractors to protest to the Government Accountability Office task orders larger than $10 million. The House would restore things, the Senate would not. Terry O’Connor, director of government contracts at the law firm Berenzweig Leonard, joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin to explain what contractors can do.

  • Steve Koprince: GAO bars contractor from filing bid protests

    A legitimate complaint against government wrongdoing, or merely a nuisance? In this case, the Government Accountability Office says it was clearly the latter. GAO barred a company called Latvian Connection from filing bid protests. That was after the company filed 150 of them in the same year. Federal contracting specialist Steve Koprince, managing partner of Koprince Law, about the highly unusual case on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Senate creates gap in vendor protest rights; is it just the beginning?

    Industry can no longer protest civilian agency task and delivery orders worth more than $10 million to the GAO after the Senate didn’t pass a bill that would’ve extended the authority permanently.

  • As the GWAC turns, HCaTS, Alliant 2 continue bid protest evolution

    Vendors who won a spot on the Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCaTs) contracts received the notice to proceed, but the Alliant 2 solicitation faces another protest.

  • House committee gives feds another commuting option in face of SafeTrack repairs

    The Oversight and Government Reform Committee unanimously approved the Transit Benefits Modernization Act to let federal employees in the D.C. metro area user “digital transportation companies” such as Uber or Lyft, to get to work during the subway repair effort.

  • GAO details rationale in ENCORE III bid protest, says LPTA wasn’t the problem

    GAO explicitly rejected the claim that the agency shouldn’t have used LPTA, saying the decision was justified because ENCORE is “a mature program with a substantial commercial application.”

  • Banned serial protester chose wrong forum to change small business policies

    Federal procurement experts say Latvian Connection is alleging problems with how agencies are interpreting and implementing the Small Business Act and other policies and therefore should seek relief from Congress or the FAR Council and not through protests.

  • $11.5B HR training contract creeps toward freedom from protests

    The Government Accountability Office has decided on six of the 14 remaining protests, dismissing five and denying one, for the Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCaTS) contract.