Booz Allen Hamilton

  • Women of Washington: Data science and machine learning in government

    New data, technology create an avenue for public and agencies to grow closer together

  • How COOs are indispensable to management agendas

    These COOs frequently occupy deputy secretary positions that require Senate confirmation, many of which are vacant in the current administration. But it’s the people occupying these offices that are best positioned to make real changes in the way agencies perform their missions.

  • Mallory Barg Bulman & Ron Sanders: Introducing deputies for federal agency modernization

    Mallory Barg Bulman and Ron Sanders joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin to discuss the results of a joint study between the Partnership of Public Service and Booz Allen looking at what should happen when deputies are appointed to federal agencies.

  • SES modernization plan should include risks, on and off ramps, roles for millennials

    The senior executive service faces an unprecedented time where criticism is rampant, the environment is fast-paced and the retirement bubble teeters on popping.

  • Amid bid battle, has high hopes for connecting vacationers with federal data

    An ongoing court battle over a $182 million contract for service hasn’t stopped the team behind the government site from thinking big, at least when it comes to federal lands and waters data.

  • Budget options are aplenty for DoD as funding supplemental deadline nears

    The Trump administration needs to work around roadblocks, solidify its plans and use a pinch of skepticism to better the military.

  • Booz Allen sees tech return on innovation investments

    Booz Allen Hamilton continues to embrace innovation, technology and analytics. VP Michael Isman explains how the 103-year-old McLean-based federal management consulting firm is staying ahead of the curve in 2017.

  • Digital strategies for the federal government

    Bill Ott, Julie McPherson, and Greg Wenzel with Booz Allen Hamilton’s Strategic Innovation Group join host Roger Waldron on this week’s Off the Shelf to discuss what federal agencies can do to improve their digital services. January 17, 2017

  • Perspectives on Cybersecurity

    Federal News Radio Custom Media Director Jason Fornicola recently hosted executives from Booz Allen Hamilton on “Perspectives on Cybersecurity” to discuss critical cyber issues facing both the commercial and public sectors. Participants included Angie Messer, leader of Booz Allen’s cybersecurity business, as well as Trish Goforth and Alexandra Heckler, also with Booz Allen’s cybersecurity business.

  • Analytics & data science

    Young Bang and a team from Booz Allen Strategic Innovation Group join host Roger Waldron on this week’s Off the Shelf to share their expertise on analytics and data science, and how they are being used to better our lives. December 6, 2016