Booz Allen Hamilton

  • GAO upholds industry protests in $17.5B ENCORE III contract

    The Defense Department will likely have to make significant changes to a much-anticipated IT services contract known as ENCORE III following a legal decision that upheld challenges by two prospective bidders.

  • Labor to bring financial management system back in-house

    The Labor Department hired Booz Allen Hamilton under a $74.2 million contract to manage its financial management system while it prepares to move to a federal shared service provider in 2019.

  • We have people’s vacations in our hands

    Interior Department and Forest Service officials say a new $182 million contract awarded to Booz Allen Hamilton will make it easier for travelers to plan their visits to national parks, lands and waters.

  • DoD’s words ring hollow to vendors when it comes to LPTA

    Objections to the use of lowest-price technically acceptable for contracts are growing, including Booz Allen Hamilton and CACI protests of DISA’s $17.5 billion ENCORE III solicitation and a new bill from two senators to restrict when the military uses this type of contract.

  • AFCEA gives pointers to next DHA CIO

    Industry partners are trying to give the next DHA CIO a leg up when the position is filled.

  • Cloud in Government: Promise and Practice

    As agencies continue moving to the cloud, what’s the state of the migration in government today, and what opportunities and challenges remain? Those questions and many others were answered during the panel discussion, “Cloud in Government: Promise and Practice”.

  • DoD’s fuzzy math could hurt its future budgets

    The Defense Department builds economic assumptions and cost savings into its budget, but when those savings are too optimistic it hurts critical programs.

  • Cloud Trends: What’s Ahead for Government

    Despite clear benefits to cloud computing in both the public and private sectors – from information sharing and efficiencies to cost reduction – questions remain, particularly in the federal government. What is the state of cloud adoption? What’s the demand for moving to the cloud? What challenges are associated with a cloud migration?

  • Big data in the federal marketplace

    Greg Wenzel, executive vice president and lead, Digital Initiatives, at Booz Allen Hamilton’s Strategic Initiative Group, joins host John Gilroy to discuss how agencies can generate and store big data in a secure manner. February 16, 2016

  • Ron Sanders: Pain-free innovation for agencies

    It may be another 9 months until the football season returns, but federal managers have another team sport they can play in the meantime. It’s called innovation. Yes, innovation is not a contact but a contract sport at least according to the Partnership for Public Service. Ron Sanders, principal author of the new study on how agencies can team up with industry and academia, joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin to share how you can play without getting hurt.