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  • Bob Hale: No CR is good for government

    Congress is up against several deadlines when it comes back from recess next week. It’s not just the Dec. 11 date, when the continuing resolution expires. The debt ceiling problem needs a solution by Nov. 5 and highway funding expires Oct. 29. One possible solution to the budget deadline is another CR that would last through the rest of fiscal 2016. Bob Hale, a fellow at Booz Allen Hamilton and former Undersecretary of Defense Comptroller, told In Depth with Francis Rose no CR is good for the department or the government.

  • DoD’s $1B contract proof new model for GWACs is working

    GSA made an award to Booz Allen Hamilton under the OASIS multiple award contract on behalf of the Defense Department for a host of global threat mitigation services.

  • Federal News Countdown: Chinese President visits, DoD seeks pay changes

    Sharon Burke, senior adviser at the New America Foundation, and Ron Sanders, vice president and fellow, Booz Allen Hamilton, count down the week’s top stories with Francis Rose.

  • 11 agencies move to starting line to get advanced cyber tools

    DHS and GSA choose Booz Allen and HP Enterprise Services to provide tools and services under two task orders under the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program.

  • Bob Hale: Conferences have benefits money can’t buy

    The General Services Administration’s Western Regions Conference scandal still leaves a bad taste in the mouths of some agencies. Spending on government conferences dropped $3 billion between 2013 and 2010. And the Office of Management and Budget told agencies to cut travel spending by 30 percent back in 2012. But federal employees gain some benefits from conferences that money can’t buy. Bob Hale is a fellow at Booz Allen Hamilton, former undersecretary of defense comptroller and former executive director of the American Society of Military Comptrollers. He tells In Depth with Francis Rose why conferences are still valuable.

  • Emily Kopp: Agencies want you to join their federal cybersecurity teams

    The federal government is falling behind in its efforts to hire a new cohort of cybersecurity experts. And agencies can’t keep up with the perks some top-tier private companies offer. That’s according to research the Partnership for Public Service and Booz Allen Hamilton put out earlier this year. A few agencies recently hosted the winners of the National Collegiate Defense Cyber Competition to show them what they might expect from a government job. More now from Federal News Radio’s Emily Kopp.

  • Ron Sanders: Wargaming could be the future of the defense workforce

    The Defense Department wants to change some of its personnel policies for the first time in decades. Acting Undersecretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness Brad Carson is working on series of recommendations as part of the Pentagon’s Force of the Future initiative. Those recommendations are due to Defense Secretary Ash Carter by Aug. 19. Ron Sanders is the vice president of Booz Allen Hamilton and former chief human capital officer for the Office of the Director for National Intelligence. He tells In Depth with Francis Rose about a war gaming exercise he participated in and what the future of the defense workforce might look like.

  • Thad Allen: The INTs are converging

    Geographic information systems and intelligence have been converging for a while now. Now nearly all forms of information are available in digital form. The challenge is integrating them. That discipline is called GEO-INT. Former Coast Guard Commandant Thad Allen is now an executive vice president at Booz Allen Hamilton. As a long-time user of both geographic information and intelligence, he joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive how this data convergence is changing the intelligence landscape and even his own company.

  • COOs give President’s Management Council a mixed grade

    Deputy secretaries and other COOs give lackluster reviews to the President’s Management Agenda and President’s Management Council in a new report by the Partnership for Public Service and Booz Allen Hamilton.

  • Bob Hale, Booz Allen Hamilton, Former Comptroller, DoD

    The Government Accountability Office reports the Defense Department could do a better job of collecting and archiving best practices on sequestration, in case the department has to deal with it again. Bob Hale, a fellow at Booz Allen Hamilton and former undersecretary of defense comptroller, tells In Depth with Francis Rose what the Defense Department is doing well and how to make the collection of the data moot.