bull market

  • When the TSP was in the toilet

    A decade ago today, the US stock market was hitting rock bottom. The Great Recession, which had been in effect for almost two years, showed no signs of getting better — ever.

  • Timing and your TSP investments

    Financial planner Arthur Stein is today’s Your Turn guest and will talk about investment time periods for Thrift Savings Plan participants.

  • Is your political filter messing with your TSP account?

    Maybe it’s time to clean or even replace your personal political filter, at least when it comes to making long-range financial decisions. Most experts agree that based on past history the stock market is long overdue for a major correction of 20 to even 30 percent.

  • Is your TSP account shrinking?

    Many feds, young, old or retired, invested heavily in the stock-indexed C, S and I funds are nervous about their Thrift Savings Plans. We asked financial planner Arthur Stein what’s going on.

  • It’s 2019 — they said it couldn’t be done

    This year was a crazy one for members of the federal family, with many legislative threats to retirement plans as well as efforts to make it much easier to fire civil servants.

  • Stock market heading south? Nervous TSP investors want answers

    Few people alive today remember the Great Depression, but millions of nervous investors, some in the civil service, wonder how much longer this record bull market can last.

  • TSP returns tumble even lower in October, many in the red

    The bull market may finally be over, as TSP data released on Thursday shows all funds except one were bleeding red in October.

  • TSP and the stock market: Is the honeymoon over?

    After basking in the longest bull market in stock market history, many people with optional retirement accounts are wondering if unhappy days are here again.

  • Ups and downs of 2018 TSP returns

    Washington, D.C. area financial planner Arthur Stein joins host Mike Causey on this week’s Your Turn discuss how volatility in the U.S. stock market is affecting federal workers’ TSP accounts, and whether feds should head for the ‘safety’ of the Treasury securities fund, or stay the course. October 17, 2018

  • What’s up with the TSP’s C and S funds?

    Last week’s $1.3 trillion “paper” loss gave a lot of people the jitters, but this is not an unusual amount of volatility.