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  • The Next CIA Director

    Jamie Misick, former Deputy Director for Intelligence Former Illinois Congressman Tim Roemer California Congresswoman Jane Harmon Former CIA deputy director of Operations Jack Devine Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel Those are just some of the names…

  • The Next CIA Director

    Some of the names that have been discussed as possible nominees to succeed Michael Hayden as the next director of the CIA.

  • Federal Drive Interviews — Jan. 8, 2013

    Martin Libicki of Rand Corp talks about the 2013 Defense Authorization Bill. Dov Zakheim reviews what DoD Secretary-nominee Chuck Hagel can expect from Congress. Attorney Mark Schamel explains how the Defense Authorization Bill helps off-duty law enforcement agents. Erik Olson of the Pew Health Group discusses new food safety rules issued by the FDA. John Palguta of the Partnership for Public Service previews the SAMMIE nomination process. Katherine McFate discusses OMB Watch’s name change.

  • DoD’s recovery from sequestration-related cuts will take months, years

    With sequestration now in effect, the Defense Department says it will have to begin to make decisions that cross the threshold between “reversible” cuts to military capability and those that will have long-lasting impacts.

  • Pentagon cuts number of furlough days to 14

    The Pentagon will sharply cut the number of unpaid furlough days civilians will be forced to take over the next several months from 22 to 14. According to defense officials, Secretary Chuck Hagel made the decision Wednesday. DoD said last week it would review its furlough plan after Congress shifted more than $10 billion to military operations and maintenance accounts as part of the bill funding agencies through the remainder of 2013.

  • DoD releases more details on revised furlough timeline

    Furlough notices will now be sent to employees in early May. Actual furloughs will begin in mid-to-late June, placing most Defense civilians on unpaid leave roughly one day per week for the final seven pay periods of the fiscal year.

  • Hagel orders DoD to ‘restructure’ path toward integrated health record

    The Pentagon delays its RFP for a new electronic health record system. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says a revised approach is coming soon.

  • DOD cuts furlough days, adds few exemptions

    Civilian employees at the Defense Department will now face 11 days of furloughs beginning July 8. This is the second time the Pentagon has revised its furlough plan. Originally, the Pentagon called for 22 unpaid days off due to sequestration. That number was later reduced to 14. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel made the announcement today at a town hall meeting with employees in Virginia.

  • Hagel makes ‘difficult choice,’ civilian furloughs to begin July 8

    The Defense Department reduces the number of furlough days from 14 to 11. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said it’s possible the number could drop further, but he offered no promises.

  • Latest on sequestration and military budgets

    On this week’s edition of Pentagon Solutions, host Francis Rose looks at the latest information on furloughs at the Defense Department as well as the 2014 budgets for the Army and Air Force.