civil service reform

  • It’s time for a Cabinet-level management department

    While all of the focus on the OPM-GSA merger has been on OPM’s shortcomings, it is safe to say that the federal government as a whole has not covered itself with respect to management issues.

  • Can the civil service be broken?

    Former DHS chief human capital officer Jeff Neal says he didn’t used to, but that the recent USDA situation makes him think the civil service might in fact be broken.

  • Court reverses decision on Trump’s workforce executive orders, defying unions’ legal challenge

    A federal judge invalidated nine provisions of the President’s workforce executive orders in a ruling last August. But the U.S. Court of Appeals overturned that decision Tuesday.

  • The MERIT Act: Where’s the merit?

    The MERIT Act falls short of its purported goal of improving public service, Tom Temin writes.

  • Where have all the classifiers gone?

    As federal work has shifted, grades have crept up to the point where traditional job classification is almost a thing of the past.

  • Is your agency as good as when you first started?

    Did the recent shutdown do at least one constructive thing: Spotlight the lack of federal workers?

  • 2019 make or break for FERS retirement benefits

    Most of the House Republicans who repeatedly tried to cut costs in the massive FERS program are either gone from Congress or relegated by the 2016 midterm elections to minority status.

  • Politics and the importance of the civil service

    ICF Senior Vice President Jeff Neal explains how President Theodore Roosevelt’s efforts to preserve the civil service could teach today’s leadership a thing or two.

  • Presidents and the federal workforce

    The recent passing of former President George H.W. Bush prompted a lot of discussion about Bush and his experience in government before his presidency. “41,” as he came to be known, came from a background in the executive branch.

  • Post-midterms, need for civil service modernization remains

    The election wasn’t really a referendum on federal employees but they had a lot at stake. Margot Conrad, director of Federal Workforce Programs at the Partnership for Public Service, offered her perspective.