civil service reform

  • Could you ever be employee of the month?

    Have an employee of the month program at your office? Well now the Trump administration has plans to establish a reward-for-performance system in the government.

  • The 46-year federal learning curve

    Guest columnist Tom Trabucco reflects on his 46-year federal career and the cast of characters he met along the way, as well as how he views the current set of civil service reform proposals.

  • White House civil service blueprint: Reform or revenge?

    Politicians who want to reduce the cost of the federal retirement and labor-management programs say they are doing it for the most noble reasons.

  • Your share of the $143.5B benefits cuts

    The amount of money the White House is proposing to cut from federal workers’ take-home pay and the future inflation protection benefits for retirees closely mirrors the balance of the F, I and S funds in the Thrift Savings Plan as of Dec 31.

  • Debra D’Agostino: Time to end wrongheaded approach to civil service reform

    Longer probation, shorter appeal deadlines, arbitrary pay for performance, they’ve already hit some federal employees and might be headed your say.

  • Are retirement cuts a breach of promise?

    The Trump administration’s plan to totally eliminate inflation protection for federal retirement, while requiring workers to pay more for smaller lifetime retirement benefits, is the ultimate deal-breaker for most people.

  • Retirement train wreck timing

    If you live and work in Washington long enough, you start running taking people’s — especially politicians’, lawyers’ and talking heads’ — statements, actions and facts through your own filter.

  • Job insecurity, higher health premiums on tap?

    Some politicians think the at-will hiring system is so good and works so well they want to extend it to federal civil servants in the executive branch.

  • Trump administration sees retirement proposals as a ‘downpayment’ for the future, not punishment

    Recent proposals to change the existing federal retirement system are just the beginning of coming recommendations from the Office of Personnel Management.

  • Can Pon boil the ocean?

    Comprehensive civil service reform is too tall an order just for OPM and its director.