• Paying for cloud services requires agencies to endorse the consumption model approach

    Chris Howard, the vice president of the U.S. public sector for Nutanix, said applications that benefit the most from cloud services are those that have spikes and troughs in their usage.

  • Secure communications need to balance usability with risk

    It’s not just during emergencies, as more and more agencies move to voice over IP (VOIP) and other technologies like instant messaging or texting that depend on the cloud and security making secure communications become even more important.

  • DISA pushing mission partners toward ‘app rationalization’ amid move to cloud

    The Defense Information Systems Agency has been pushing its mission partners toward “app rationalization,” urging them to figure out what they need to operate in the cloud.

  • Why a mindset change is needed to deal with the IT rebellion

    Nutanix CEO Dheeraj Pandey said velocity and agility requirements are causing agencies to change their technology delivery models through cloud and hyper-convergence.

  • Ignore the Shiny Object. Focus on Outcomes.

    The cloud can help free people up from the undifferentiated heavy lifting of common problems like compliance or intrusion detection. Agencies can save hundreds of staff hours by utilizing automation tools offered by cloud service providers.

  • Cybersecurity and Analytics – Where AI Meets the Cloud

    Agencies need to think about how they intend to use AI. Everyone wants to apply it to cybersecurity, to keep data safe. But what about applying it to patterns and use cases around the data? Who is looking at it, and when?

  • The data is in the cloud – now what?

    The cloud has already made it possible for federal agencies to store vast amounts of data while reducing their reliance on expensive enterprise data centers. Now the cloud is making it possible for agencies to consider sharing that data and putting it to use in ways they never had the resources to consider before.

  • Delivering on the promise of the cloud

    When Leidos works with Amazon Web Services, they know they have a head start because the transformation can take place in an environment that has passed rigorous security requirements.

  • Executive Briefing Series: Cloud Adoption

    In this exclusive executive briefing, federal and industry experts will delve deeper into how agencies need to modernize IT with the customer in mind.

  • What the world needs: A good $99 smart phone

    Smart phones keep getting significantly more expensive, but enough people feel, what choice do I have? We need them in order to communicate.