• Cloud in Government: Promise and Practice

    As agencies continue moving to the cloud, what’s the state of the migration in government today, and what opportunities and challenges remain? Those questions and many others were answered during the panel discussion, “Cloud in Government: Promise and Practice”.

  • Leveraging Hybrid Cloud Architectures to Deliver Federal IT

    In the highly regulated world of federal IT, sometimes it seems as if every question is a yes-no, an either-or. Build or buy?

  • Don’t Risk IT!

    Aging, non-compliant systems are risky. Don’t risk your agency’s IT! Learn more about how secure networks and FedRAMP-compliant cloud-based conferencing services will help you meet easily, work faster, travel less without risking security.

  • Cloud Migration: The Path Forward

  • Don’t Risk IT!

    Cloud computing is quickly changing almost every aspect of our lives. But for government agencies, it is often a struggle to keep up with the rapid pace of technology changes. The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is helping agencies chart their way, but they still need help. Fortunately, FedRAMP has arrived and is providing an efficient and affordable way to build long-term success in the cloud: Cisco® WebEx Web Conferencing, A FedRAMP-Authorized Service.

  • SBA moving its IT into the 21st century

    Keith Bluestein, the acting chief information officer of the SBA, said the agency has been upgrading its network backbone as a precursor to being able to take advantage of new technologies such as the cloud.

  • Joe Petrillo: IRS discovers contract doesn’t give cloud access

    Federal PCs have been stuffed with Microsoft applications since time immemorial. Now more and more users want the cloud versions. But the IRS found that an existing license maintenance contract didn’t give it access to the cloud. Procurement attorney Joseph Petrillo of the law firm Petrillo and Powell offers his insight on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Matt Hummer & David Bray: Cloud a must with internet of things

    Cloud has become a necessity for holding the large amounts of data generated by the so-called internet of things phenomenon. That’s according to an analysis of spending patterns from Govini. Govini analyst Matt Hummer and the FCC’s Chief Information Officer David Bray join Federal Drive with Tom Temin to add some context.

  • John Hale: DISA helps agencies stay secure in the cloud

    For nearly 10 years, the Defense Information Systems Agency has been working to provide secure cloud computing to DoD agencies. No longer the exclusive cloud provider itself, DISA now helps agencies use commercial providers in a secure way. John Hale, the cloud portfolio manager at DISA. tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin the effort centers on applications, if they’re ready for cloud hosting and the best way to go about it.

  • Intelligence community couples new cloud systems with ‘revolutionary’ concepts

    The intelligence community is building its cloud system around the concept of integration in order to facilitate better data sharing and standardized security.