• Pay raise, COLA and retirement changes: Can feds make it to 2019?

    The metro Washington, D.C. area is now solidly blue and many local members of Congress will be eligible to lead committees that can affect active and retired government employees.

  • Military retirees to get big COLA increase, troops at the border will not get danger pay

    Military retirees will get a 2.8 percent increase in cost-of-living adjustment.

  • Pay raise, FERS cuts: Life after the election

    Regardless of which political party wins today’s midterm election, federal workers are in relatively good shape.

  • Diet COLAs bad for future retirees

    Thanks to the diet COLA rule, people who have already retired under FERS will be limited to a 2 percent COLA in 2019.

  • Biggest retiree COLA in years on the way

    The 2.8 percent cost of living adjustment coming this January for millions of retirees will be the biggest catch-up-with-inflation increase in years. 

  • Is there a pay raise in your future?

    Federal Managers Association President Renee Johnson and FMA Government and Public Affairs Director Greg Stanford join host Mike Causey on this week’s Your Turn to discuss what their organization is doing to help secure a 1.9 percent pay raise for white collar feds. September 26, 2018

  • Pay raise: What are the odds?

    With 43 days until the midterm elections and five days from the fiscal new year, a 1.9 percent pay raise for white collar feds is looking good.

  • Retirees looking at last full ‘diet COLA?’

    The Trump administration wants to cut costs in the giant federal retirement program by totally eliminating future COLAs for FERS retirees. If it becomes law the 2019 COLA would be the last.

  • Perfect time to approach your lawmaker

    Many who have been comfortably stationed in Washington for decades are literally running for their political lives this year.

  • Who decides when (and maybe even if) you can afford to retire?

    Are you retiring at the first opportunity? Or are you planning to work extra because you like the job or your coworkers and want to build your annuity?