• COLA, yes — pay raise? Maybe

    Today the House is in recess until after Labor Day. Proposed changes in FERS, which would require you to pay 6 percent more for the benefit while cost of living adjustments would be eliminated for retirees, seem less urgent.

  • 2019 COLA? Yes but pay raise? Not likely

    With three months left to go in the cost-of-living adjustment countdown clock, federal/military/Social Security retirees are looking at a January inflation-catch up of 2.7 percent.

  • ‘Draining the swamp’ while saving your retirement package

    The Trump administration wants to make the federal retirement plan more costly to workers and less valuable to retirees. But officials could probably “drain the swamp” of thousands of bureaucrats if they made the changes effective later rather than sooner.

  • Senate bill calls for small defense contractors getting paid quicker

    In today’s Federal Newscast, bipartisan legislation in the Senate would shorten the deadline for the Defense department to pay defense contractors who work with small businesses.

  • Work more, get less plan

    If any of the Trump administration’s proposals to overhaul the federal pay and pension plans make it through Congress, thousands of federal workers might have to extend their tours of duty by as much as a decade to maintain their standard of living.

  • Retirement assault unites feds

    The Professional Managers Association is telling fed-postal-retirees to stay alert as federal retirement contribution changes are proposed by the Trump administration.

  • Will proposed compensation changes help or hurt federal hiring?

    Jeff Neal, former DHS CHCO, looks at the recent proposals from OPM and OMB that would freeze federal pay for a year and decrease federal employee compensation.

  • Are retirement cuts a breach of promise?

    The Trump administration’s plan to totally eliminate inflation protection for federal retirement, while requiring workers to pay more for smaller lifetime retirement benefits, is the ultimate deal-breaker for most people.

  • The path forward for OPM’s proposed retirement changes

    Federal News Radio explains each of OPM’s proposed changes to the federal retirement system and details their outlook in Congress.

  • COLA clock moves to 2.1 percent

    COLAs are based on the rise in inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index-W, from the third quarter year over year. It’s possible the January COLA will be less if living costs drop, but that is unlikely given the year-long rise in oil-prices, one of the chief drivers of inflation.