• Maybe the end of the end of the world threat

    For the last seven months, federal workers have worried that the White House would scuttle their retirement plan.

  • The future (if any) of your retirement plan

    If you are puzzled, bewitched, bothered and bewildered by the congressional budget process, it means that you have been paying attention.

  • The Trump effect on retirement

    Are federal workers (finally) voting with their feet by putting in their retirement papers in record numbers? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey is unsure.

  • Oct. 30 is THE deadline. But for what?

    Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says many feds are afraid that Congress will change retirement rules, forcing them to pay lots more and get lots less.

  • Are changes coming to your retirement plan?

    Are you one of the many federal workers who are afraid that Congress will change retirement rules? Tune in this week when Federal News Radio Senior Reporter Nicole Ogrysko joins host Mike Causey to talk about some of the proposals pending on Capitol Hill. October 18, 2017

  • Retiree COLA trumps employee pay raise

    If you work for or are retired from the federal government, here’s a horrible thought: What if these are the good old days, right now, this minute?

  • Is inflation devouring your pension?

    Federal retirees can’t run out of money in retirement, but they can lose buying power big-time the longer they stay retired.

  • January health premium hike cuts into pay raise, retiree COLA

    Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says that if health premiums jump as expected, folks will have to shop for a lower-cost plan, regardless of a pay raise and COLA.

  • High-5 would slam some high-flyer feds

    Federal workers have worried that Congress will base their pensions on a less generous formula. Mike Causey says there’s nothing to worry about … yet.

  • Feds’ retirement plan is ground zero

    Senior Correspondent Mike Causey asks which of the long list of proposed changes to federal retirement is most likely to succeed.