continuing resolution

  • Senate backs continuing resolution to avoid shutdown

    The Senate has voted in support of a bill that would keep the government open until Dec. 11. The continuing resolution would hold funding at 2015 levels and includes money for Planned Parenthood.

  • What’s your shutdown sign: fox or rabbit?

    Being a federal worker is a lot like being a fat, juicy rabbit trapped on a fox-infested island. That’s because to some foxy politicians, civil servants are fat, juicy, defenseless targets. Some are on the hunt all the time, while others come out in the fall — the official hunting season.

  • Boehner’s resignation means no shutdown Sept. 30

    In-Depth host Francis Rose argues that Speaker Boehner’s decision was both a bone toss and a punch in the mouth.

  • DoD preps contingency plans for government shutdown

    Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work says the Pentagon is making plans in case Congress cannot reach a budget deal or continuing resolution before Sept. 30.

  • Government shutdown, continuing resolutions, and more

    Cameron Leuthy, senior budget analyst at Bloomberg Government, joins host Roger Waldron to discuss the current budget, plans for a possible government shutdown, and the long term impact of continuing resolutions. September 22, 2015

  • Air Combat Command latest DoD component to warn against shutdown

    Gen. Herbert Carlisle says his troops are burnt out and his resources can barely cover the global demand. Carlisle becomes the third senior DoD official this week to highlight the need for Congress to pass a budget and not allow cuts from sequestration to return.

  • Emily Kopp: IRS chief welcomes a continuing resolution from Congress

    Political pundits are betting Congress will pass a continuing resolution to keep the government funded past the end of this month. Most agencies would prefer that lawmakers pass a real budget. Not the Internal Revenue Service though. Commissioner John Koskinen explains why his agency is better off without a standard budget bill.

  • IRS chief welcomes a continuing resolution from Congress

    Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen says a CR is a better alternative to the proposed budget cuts to the agency. The IRS could lose as much as $838 million if the House has its way.

  • Communication key in preparing for continuing resolution

    All signs point to the new fiscal year at starting under a continuing resolution. In Depth host Francis Rose says it’s a bad scenario, but by no means is it the worst.

  • Keith Trippie: The good, bad and ugly of a continuing resolution

    Your agency may be operating under a continuing resolution at the end of the month. You’ll need allies to face the challenges that come with a CR. That means working closely with procurement attorneys, budget analysts and your communications staff. Keith Trippie, chief executive at the Trippie Group, gives In Depth with Francis Rose, the good, the bad and the ugly about a CR.