continuing resolution

  • Washington at its worst

    Want a sure fire way to tell a friend, neighbor or coworkers politics? Just ask him, or her, who caused the government shutdown.

  • Government shuts down as Senate fails to pass spending bill

    The Senate could only muster 50 votes, not 60, to invoke cloture to end debate on the continuing resolution to keep the government open.

  • How the continuing resolution affects the efficiency of DoD

    Continuing resolutions temporarily evade shutdowns, but they may also hurt the Department of Defense’s readiness long-term.

  • Could avoiding a shutdown trigger sequestration?

    Congress is trying to avert a shutdown, but some are concerned a continuing resolution could trigger sequestration.

  • Amid shutdown fears, Air Force expresses concerns over yet another CR

    As Congress looks to avert a government shutdown, the Air Force is planning a top-to-bottom review of its programs to free up room in its operating budget.

  • Here’s how a shutdown would affect your pay and benefits

    A government “shutdown” isn’t really a shutdown. Many services will continue, but hundreds of thousands of federal workers will be forced off the job, and some services will go dark.

  • Feds more pessimistic than a month ago that a shutdown will happen

    A new and exclusive Federal News Radio online survey found almost 70 percent of the more than 1,900 respondents say a partial government shutdown is “very likely” or “somewhat likely” to happen on Jan. 20 at midnight.

  • Todd Harrison: Another CR isn’t a sure thing

    In most of the recent political death matches on Capitol Hill, defense spending was at the center of the fight. This time it’s immigration. Still, the threat of a shutdown and a lack of resolution over defense priorities has a lot of Washington nervous. Todd Harrison, senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin there’s more talk about holding out on passing another short-term continuing resolution until some of the key issues are resolved.

  • Another government shutdown deadline? Here we go again

    Will Congress pass a comprehensive spending bill or will they just kick the can down the road with another continuing resolution? Take our anonymous online survey and let us know what you think.

  • David Hawkings: Gauging the chances for another CR

    Time is running out for Congress. A third continuing resolution expires on Friday, Roll Call Senior Editor David Hawkings reviews the chances for another temporary budget on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.