cost of living adjustment

  • Friday the 13th: Pulse check for 2020 COLA, pay raise

    Earlier this year, the chances of both (or either) a federal pay raise and a separate cost of living adjustment for retirees were hovering somewhere between slim and slimmer. The president called for a zero…

  • Can you afford to retire, ever? How will you know?

    The dominant Federal Employees Retirement System covers most working feds. It’s good but it has several moving parts.

  • Back from vacation: Here’s a quick catchup

    While you were away, here’s what happened on the job front — spoiler alert, not much!

  • The autumn numbers game

    In addition to the ever-present threat of a shutdown, it’s when federal workers go shopping for next year’s all-important heath insurance.

  • 2020 COLA: Midsummer night’s dream?

    With two critical months to go in the cost of living adjustment countdown, federal, military and Social Security retirees are in line for an inflation catch-up.

  • Will retirement mean lifetime diet?

    Most current federal retirees, and a small percentage of folks still on the payroll, are under the old Civil Service Retirement System. It offers a generous lifetime annuity that is based on salary and length…

  • D-Day for pay raise, health premiums, retiree COLA

    The size and purchasing power of your 2020 biweekly paycheck or monthly annuity payment will be decided in a couple of months. The good news about the January 2020 COLA for federal, military and Social Security retirees is that there almost certainly will be one.

  • It’s August, so hold that thought

    It’s quiet, as August is a time when things are on hold until at least after Labor Day. But a lot awaits lawmakers when they return.

  • Good news, Congress is away. Bad news, they’ll be back!

    Despite tough talk from Congress and the White House, the federal employee benefits package has so-far remained untouched.

  • Federal, military, social security retirees inching toward 2020 COLA

    Many retirees will be watching the inflation index from now through September to see what their January cost of living adjustments will look like.