cost of living adjustment

  • D-Day for pay raise, health premiums, retiree COLA

    The size and purchasing power of your 2020 biweekly paycheck or monthly annuity payment will be decided in a couple of months. The good news about the January 2020 COLA for federal, military and Social Security retirees is that there almost certainly will be one.

  • It’s August, so hold that thought

    It’s quiet, as August is a time when things are on hold until at least after Labor Day. But a lot awaits lawmakers when they return.

  • Good news, Congress is away. Bad news, they’ll be back!

    Despite tough talk from Congress and the White House, the federal employee benefits package has so-far remained untouched.

  • Federal, military, social security retirees inching toward 2020 COLA

    Many retirees will be watching the inflation index from now through September to see what their January cost of living adjustments will look like.

  • Eliminate your state’s pesky income tax: Move

    Many federal and postal workers live and work in high tax states, so many retire to low-or no-tax states to get more from their annuities.

  • 2020 pay raise, retiree COLA TBD

    Active and retired feds probably won’t know the size of their 2020 pay raise — if any — or cost-of-living adjustment — if any — until late in the year.

  • Legislators try for 10th time to get seniors bigger COLA

    In today’s Federal Newscast, legislation in both the House and Senate aims to guarantee every senior a Social Security cost of living adjustment with an annual floor of no less than 3%.

  • The 3 Ps: Pay, pensions and premiums going up?

    It will be late this year, probably November or December, before active and retired federal workers find out how much extra money they may have next year.

  • Clock ticking for 2020 pay raise, retiree COLA

    If you feel totally confused on the subject of a 2020 federal pay raise, or inflation catch up for retirees, it doesn’t mean you haven’t been paying attention.

  • Retirement plan tops congressional hit parade — again

    For the last six years many federal workers and retirees have had nightmares about losing major parts of their Civil Service Retirement System and Federal Employees Retirement System benefits. And they’ve gone through a series…